Detect chances and react fast

Interview of Enterpreneur Beatrice Hubner with FOKUS about her field of business activity, the focus of her real estate agency and how she perceives the Viennese Market.

Fokus: What do you think about the development of the Viennese real estate market?

Hubner: Positiv! I am convinced that Vienna represents a safe “harbour” for investments. Looking at the years from 2008 to 2010 in which the economic situation was extremely turbulent, it has become obvious that in comparison to other European cities Vienna has not developed a real estate bubble.

Fokus: You called Vienna a safe “harbour for investments”. Does the word “safe” exclude speculative profits and higher rates of returns?

Hubner: In order to meet the needs of both target groups, the investor who prefers to invest “safely” and the speculator, completely different kinds of properties are suitable. It is clearly up to the consultant to offer the right property to the right client. Of course, high speculative profits are often linked to higher risks, however, this is not necessarily only the case in the real estate branch.

Fokus: Has your real estate agency specialized on certain properties?

Hubner: We generally obtain a very broad Know-how which includes many different areas. This enables us to consult our clients in every field. Yet, our main focus lies on the consulting and mediation of apartment blocks (Zinshäuser) and residential properties.

Fokus: What kind of apartment blocks (Zinshäuser) do you currently deal with?

Hubner: Mainly apartment blocks (Zinshäuser) with rates of returns between 2, 5% and 5%. Depending on the location or the kind of the property, the rates can even be higher. Nearly all of these properties are able to increase its potential in form of either developing the roof top or in form of very cheap out rented apartments and vacant premises.

Fokus: What do you think that you can do better than others in this highly competitive market?

Hubner: Not better, but much faster (laughs). To focus on what is essential and the fact to actually enjoy dealing with the property and the customer’s wish are a big part of my “formula for success”, as well as the constant observation of the market and the choice of suitable marketing tools.

Fokus: The demand for properties is increasing. What does this imply for the market? Does this maybe mean a potential increasing scarcity of “supply”?

Hubner: According to my experience, I know that there are always exciting investment- and project possibilities during times of crises as well as during times of economic growth. Very often it is necessary to observe and analyze a certain property in order to see its possibilities and potential, which other people may not discover. However, in the long term it will be necessary, especially in Vienna, to create new and more living space as the population and the consequent demand will rise significantly in the area around Vienna.

Fokus: Why did you choose to follow a career in the real estate branch?

Hubner: Just before my time as a student at the Marketing Academy I started to deal with properties. First it was only a “student job”, as we call it, however, I developed a passion for this branch and because of this and the network I had already established, I continued with it after I had finished my education and internships.

Fokus: Which values are important for you in dealing with your clients and employees?

Hubner: I find it very important to be reliable and I also expect a certain trust in return from my clients and my employees. If this relation works out, we are able to create a professional and successful concept for the owner of the property as well as the customer.

Fokus:What is the most important part in such a lively branch?

Hubner: To detect chances and react to them fast with the right partners and clients.

Credit: Fokus Juni/Juli 2012